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HONORS - Storm

Honors - Storm (stream)

Tzekist : good job guys
Zelva555 : indescribably good...thx for this
Chime Toram : the drop is good but after 7 time listening make ur head hurts lmao
M1L3ZY_225! : gives good vibes brings us back too reality^^
Angel dust : huh weird..... during the chorus, a thunderstorm struck close to where I live
Ange Sourdin : This song is amazing, keep up the good work

Big fan
Loretta Querceto : this is really sick keep it up! im new here you should check out my stuff :)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VItQrrCU4iI&t=1s
TSG Slender : no hablo ingles pero me encanta tus musicas :3
Yasmin Fernandes :
Voidliss : This song is a godsend. I love it. This is my new jam. I am going to trying and edit a montage to this song one day as I love it so much. HONORS

HONORS - Bodied

Fight for something
Stream Here

Coming for your power
And rain let it shower
All my people making $7.50 an hour
Bout to Blow like a shotty
While you busy shopping
We been busy plotting
Trust me you gon get bodied
If you ever try and test me again
Tell the police come arrest me again
And I’ll be in a cell cause I’d rather the there
Then smiling on the net making cash to pretend

Now way out
Oh you gon get bodied
Bring you down
Oh you gon get bodied
Make no sound
Oh you gon get bodied
Confident you don’t know shit

Ooooo it’s comes for you
Ooooo it comes for you

Nobody hiccup
Boom it’s a stick up
Foes getting bit up
Shots we deliver
Fuel for the liver
Whole catalog full of poison and hard times
I’m not a quitter
I might drive something through
You might try something cute
Light a match to it
Let it burn down ooo
Make my day off a thing like you\r

Tzekist : not bad guys
sarina lin : This is literally one of my favorite songs everr
Smash Bash :
arsxmoriendi _ : this is so underrated i cant.....
빈노 : So good!
Kristers Indriks : Do you have a merchandise?
Mufrad Ul Haque : Awesomeeeee
Alexia Santos : Adorei a música❤
springlav : I just found you band, oh boy im staying bcs your music is my style
Peter W : Badass! I hope we get to hear more of Cam rapping in the future

HONORS - Automatic (Dan Cartel Remix)

We have a lot of amazing fans in Brazil, so we wanted to do something special, and have a Brazilian producer we love do the remix. Hope you like it x

Azra Mangera : You're such an underrated artist.
Sidharth Pradhan : Loved this!!!!
Yonara Nascimento : Brazil
Cleonice Colonhesi : Música boa de ouvir
Israel De anda : Cool
bizza : God this is really good!! Keep it up guys!! :D
ílaya : oH YES. :')))))))))
Carmen G : OMG. This is so good ❤️
Ivan : Bravo!!! Greetings from Argentina
Anthie Gmr : I love this song!❤❤❤




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