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Logitech Z623 In-depth Review

Review of the Logitech Z623 2.1 speaker system.
➨Intro animation by: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrimeGFX

➨Logitech Z623 Unboxing and First Impression:

➨Logitech Z623 Sample (take lightly!): http://bit.ly/1LIxHeD

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Chase Hyland : ha.. wait. So you make a point to let everyone know you say "Zed," but then say "budden" instead of "button?"
SaiNaEffct Live : Will not buy right channels courses is too small thanks ☺️
Clyde Bickford : Do you think these will work well for home DJ'ing?
Mike Visser : It's not that hard to buy a D-Sub DE-15 connector and wire it the same as Logitech has if you ever have to replace the cable or connector. It is not a proprietary cable / connector, just the pin out is used to suit their needs in this case as it is not being used for VGA video (which the most common use for that type of DE-15 connector).
ShadowTH555 : These are the best computer speakers I ever bought. Long lasting and the bass rivals some high quality subs.
brian nilo : Logitech has this on sale for $99.99, do you think its worth it? I just listened to your sample, not bad consider what you said about the mic used to capture. My old set is CA3550RB that I bought for $34.99 back in 2012.
Tim Justin : can you connect it to other speakers
ObliviousSmash : These speakers are really old but they're still insane.
ComebackShane : Ohh, and plus the cool controller which I loved is all messed up too...not knocking the system now...been booming with them for like probably 10 years...just want something equal would be fine for me. Cheers!
ComebackShane : SO I SEE VIDEO is old but so are my corsair sp2500 and sub gave out on me, anybody know if same sound are better?

Logitech z623 Sound Test (INSANE!!!)

Purchase speakers here: https://amzn.to/2PaH54o

Keep in mind that the speakers don't sound the same when you hear them through your device compared to having them in front of you.

-Wiz Khalifa//On My Level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmP7TYtDVUU
-Bassotronics//Bass I Love You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw6GIEGpVdc
-Skrillex//Cinema: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQcQDbpDH_o

•Unboxing \u0026 Review of Logitech z623:

•New Logitech z623 Speakers:

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Tupac Shakur : man i need them two little satellite speakers and the wires i have the logitech z623 subwoofer just need that shit
Aneesh .p : Tony.theprodect.remotcantrol.yes.or.no
DJ Chris Skywalker : So do you recommend them at all? Or what is your take on those speakers? Where are you from btw, sounds like you´re in Mexico with the elotero hahaha nice vid tho´ let me know and give me my cocoro ♥
Vinod Tripathi :

Francisco Rivero : Mala publicidad este vídeo para la marca .. ya que suena como una mierda y el bajo distorsiona y suena mal!! No es tu culpa no es la culpa del producto .. simplemente es tu micrófono q es una mierda.
Jennie Simmons : Best overall sound for the money!!!
Sun Kara : I had mines for 4 years, the only thing now is when I turn the volume button it statics, so I turn the power off and play with the knob, and keep turning it up and down, so far so good
M Barragan Mtz (mickey) : Congratulations! Inch subwoofer!
henry rodriguez : Los bajos son excelentes gracias al subwoofer, pero los medios y altos tienen poca fuerza y es por lo pequeños que son los drivers o parlantes delanteros, para mejorar su calidad de sonido para música especialmente porque este teatro es para movies y juegos, entonces para mejorar basta con añadirle un sistema Hifi estereo con unos plugs 1 a 2 y sus respectivos cables RCA para adaptar los dos sistemas y que salga sonido por los sistemas (Logitech 623 2.1 y estereo Hifi 20hz - 20khz , 2.0) y obtendrán mejores prestaciones y tendrán un sistema 4.1 Hifi THX. Yo ya me lo hice y es súper facil. El Hifi puedes comprartelo usado en cualquier tienda online o de barrio de 100 watts RMS max y de buena marca Sony, Samsung o JBL, pioner, Panasonic siempre que sea Hifi 20hz -20khz...otra cosa para que salga sonido de la tv se conecta un DAC o convertidor óptico (digital) a RCA (analógico) coaxial barato de 96khz 24bits s/pdif, se gradúan dependiendo de si es película y musica, los volúmenes de los dos componentes preferible más bajito el sistema Hifi y el z623 más alto. El sonido tendrá una nueva vibración, tendrá más complexion, se puede equilibrar los sonidos, se expandirá mejor el sonido, tendra un aire más fresco para nuestros oídos en notas altas y sera un trueno en cuanto a sonido de alta definición para sonidos impactantes que tumbaran tu habitación.
Dominik Claßen : are the speakers still good?

Why the Logitech z623 is garbage

Don’t buy this system. Ever
Maxi wrk : I have a question
Is there a Difference
I had the old z623 with the logitech logo and a friwnd have the z623 with logitech as a Word bute mine is better
Bennet Palmer : I’m planning to get the Z5500 for my Xbox setup can’t wait
PuffX : I turn my speakers to the max? Dude that's why your sub is bottoming down it had years of use and hard abuse by the looks of it
The speakers are awesome for what they are pre everything from logitech and low ass price for the thx
Mine doesn't bottom have it for a year and used it daily 75% bass and volume
JoeJames : Sorry mate but you are chatting complete shit. You can turn these up plently loud without any damage, and they sound amazing. I've owned both the z623 and x2300 and yes, the z2300 create much more powerful, punchy bass, but you pay a price as the left and right just don't sound as good. Yes they went cheap on many parts, making the sub smaller ect, but they made up for by putting low freq through the left and right. It makes it sound way better. Otherwise it is tinny. Playing the z623 full blast is retarded. Why would you need too play them that loud.
Robert James : lol, heaven forbid people possess enough self control to turn down the volume when its maxxed out, Ive been running mine for years and still going strong, mind you the controls are getting noisy.
Monsieur Propre : JBL Flip 4 are garbage (sorry)
Arda Erol : i bought that today :(
BASSTECH878 : “Their old stuff are much better” COULDNT AGREE MORE!!!! Plus ur z623 is acting like my z506 lmao
Fireboykid- : You can make any speaker good shut up
Pure Sesh : yep i remember my z623 the signal to the subwoofer is distorted to hell mine blew after 2 months and so did the mids and highs.




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