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rv082 default password, linksys rv082 default login? Username admin. Password admin. Hello and welcome to my channel where I share most positive aspects of my life, helping other;s in many cases, fill free to email with any help question or just ask in the video comments.
nikola iliev : how can we set VPN?
Disco Book : Hi there I have a Linksys/ Cisco router RV 082 an older model
I downloaded   the latest firmware June 2015
I tried resetting   the router for update
Press reset button for 15 sec after 15 sec  ( red  blink  on  and  off)
Plug Ethernet cable to slut
opened browser  to update  and  nothing -  
how  do I find trouble shut  to check  whether  the  router works  or is  defective?
Is  the RV082  known  for  these issues.
Any feedback   would  be  help  full -  thanks

Configuración web routers de 4/8 puertos Cisco RV042 y RV082

Para ver mas productos de la línea Small Business de Cisco visitanos en www.quickinformatica.com.ar
Alumair Ansari : I configure asus router on ISP then connect cisco firewall to the router and then connect cisco switch to firewall. Vlan configured on switch.

But problem is that when I replace asus router to cisco r042 router then what happen we can't ping cisco r042 router from switch.
pedro caceres : Como haces para acder a esa pagina??
adonis W : basura de tutoria....

Cisco RV082 Dual WAN VPN Router via Routershop

Cisco RV082

The Cisco® RV082 Dual WAN VPN Router delivers highly secure, high-performance, reliable connectivity - to the Internet, other offices, and employees working remotely - from the heart of your small business network. This proven router provides the performance and security you need to help keep your employees, and your business, productive.

The Cisco RV082 enables two connections, either to a single service provider, with load balancing to improve performance, or to different providers to support business continuity. High-capacity virtual private network (VPN) capabilities let multiple offices and dozens of employees access the information they need from anywhere, just as securely as if they were working at your main office.

To further safeguard your network and data, the Cisco RV082 includes business-class security features and optional cloud-based web filtering. Configuration is a snap, using an intuitive, browser-based device manager and setup wizards. 

For more information, please click the link below:
Hendrik Huevel : Very good security it makes Egyptian police visual,how ever they killed it after a mass man in the middle atack.wap200 from Cisco can be beaten easy by police, the router not.




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