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[넥슨컴퓨터박물관] 애플I 소장품 실제 구동영상 (Apple1, AppleⅠ)

세상을 바꾼 아이디어 애플I(Apple I) 시연영상

1976년 Steve Jobs와 Steve Wozniak이 수작업으로 탄생시킨 Apple社의 첫 컴퓨터이다. 스위치와 LED로 입력과 출력을 했던 Altair 8800과 같은 이전의 컴퓨터와 달리, 모니터와 키보드를 지원하는 오늘날의 개인용 컴퓨터(personal computer)의 모습을 처음으로 갖춘 기기로, 컴퓨터 역사에서 빼놓을 수 없는 위치를 차지한다.

당시 200여 대가 판매되었으며, 현재까지 전세계에 약 50여 대가 남아있는 것으로 알려져 있다. 넥슨컴퓨터박물관에 전시 된 AppleⅠ은 작동되는 것으로 알려진 6대 중 하나이다.

게임보다 더 재미있는 넥슨컴퓨터박물관

Home Page : http://www.nexoncomputermuseum.org/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/NexonComputerMuseum
Blog : http://blog.nexoncomputermuseum.org/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/NCM_Master
마법사미라이 : 200대밖에 없는 정품이면 수집가치는 엄청나죠. 고장난것 조차 억대인데
넉살좋은빅웨일 : 역시 넥슨...나중에 꼭 가봐야 겠네요
-ᄉa- : 킹튜브알고리즘 날어디에부른게냐..
금강불괴 : 그냥 고물이네
백재헌 : 테이프 롱노즈로 감는거 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
우흥민 : 넥아감
[ENG] Cupcake : 미국에서는 수집가들이 이 발명품을 완성품으로 산다고 한다고 하네요
저도 이런 오래된 컴퓨터 하나만 있었으면 좋겠네요
한국인. : 이 쓰레기는 뭐야? 공짜로 줘도 안 갖겠다. 이걸 뭐에 써?
신호랑[TigerShin] : 독수리타법이라 뭐라하는데, 가뜩이나, 비싼 컴퓨터, 존나 신나게 쳐봐... 망하지...
Jdjd Kdjd : 1976년도 청축키보드 ㅋㅋ

[ITN 3회] 애플의 첫 컴퓨터 '애플 1'을 찾아서...

1976년 스티브 잡스와 스티브 워즈니악이 손수 조립해서 만든 '애플 1' 제주도에 위치한 컴퓨터 박물관에서 '애플 1'을 만나 볼 수 있었다.
스티브 잡스와 스티브 워즈니악의 젊은 시절 도전정신과 열정이 고스란히 담겨있는듯하다.
작년 소더비 경매에서 약 4억원에 구입해 화제를 모은 이곳의 '애플 1' 지금의 가치는 약 7억원에 다다른다고 한다.

✅ 스카이티브이 (skyTV) : http://www.skylifetv.co.kr
망난이 : 우리집에 있는대
박태현 : 우리들의 돈을 컴피터사는데 썻구만기레
일본 조지는 채널 : 추억영상
승현 : 애플1애플2 스티브 워즈니악 엔지니어 가 만들어 다고 해요 스티브 잡스 그늘 이용하여 애플창업 및 업적을 만들어지만 스티브 워즈니악 의 기술이 과 잡스의 경영마케팅 없어으면 아마 다른 구조의 컴퓨터 ? 가 나오지 않아을까 하는 책 내용이 있더라구요 스티브 워즈니악의 공동창업자 가 없어더라면 이시대의 애플 컴퓨터 없어다고 하네요 잡스와 스티브 워즈니악 정말 멋진 사람들이다. 나도 저런 멋진 인간이 되고싶다. ㅠㅠ
놀부보고쌈 : 저기중에 너님들컴있음

Original »Apple 1 Computer«, 1976; 24 November 2012 - Auction

Specialty Auction on 24 November 2012
at AUCTION TEAM BREKER, Koeln/Cologne,
Germany (www.breker.com)

Original »Apple 1 Computer«, 1976
This is the sensational 1st product of today's highestvalued
company (approx. 600 billion US$) ever. -- The
»Apple 1« was designed and built by Steve Wozniak in
the famous 'electronical heaven' of "Silicon Valley",
USA, and was marketed in April 1976 by Wozniak and
Steve Jobs through an electronics retail chain, the 'Byte
Shop', which bought the first 50 units. -- The »Apple 1«
was always delivered as a motherboard only and is seen
here with the very rare original 'NTI' sign. The peripheral
equipment such as power pack, keyboard, monitor
and cassette recorder had to be obtained personally by
the user. »Apple« never offered a housing; every user
had to make his own. -- The »Apple 1« was the 1st PC
in the world with monitor and keyboard access! -- The
peripheral items are authentic and correspond to the
motherboard; the power pack has the same 'transformer'
which was on the market in 1976 and which was
recommended by »Apple«. The keyboard is a 'Datanetics
ASCII' always suggested by »Apple« for the »Apple
1« and later also used for the »Apple 2«. -- The monitor
is a b/w video control set by Sanyo as normally used by
»Apple 1« owners. -- The cassette recorder, recommended
by »Apple«, is an original 'Panasonic 2102
Recorder'. -- Only 200 examples of the »Apple 1« were
ever made. According to the top-rated 'Apple 1 Registry'
by Mike Willegal, today there are only 43 sets in
existance worldwide, but just 6 of these are in fullyworking
condition, and the example offered here is
one of those! We prepared a 7-minute video demonstration
which you can find on YouTube.com/Auction
TeamBreker -- The demo shows the direct input into the
WOZ-monitor: The »Apple 1« did not have an operating
system, just a so-called "monitor" program which provided
the interface between keyboard entry -- CPU --
memory and monitor exit. Any more sophisticated software
system -- like 'Basic' -- had to be loaded on cassettes.
Therefore, a cassette-interface-card was required
which was offered by »Apple« optionally. The present
set contains a modern replica card and the software
cassettes are authentic reproductions too. -- 'Basic' was
available for the »Apple 1« at the beginning of 1977
only. In February 1977 »Apple« changed their first logo
depicting Isaac Newton under a 'paradisical' apple tree
to the one which is still used today. The documentation
('Apple 1 Manual') included here still shows the primary
logo; this documentation copy corresponds with
the original one and the manual and schematic plan
show the original signatures of Steve Wozniak. -- To
date, the only fully-working »Apple 1 set« in very similar
condition as this one here, was auctioned in New
York in June 2012 for US$ 374,500.- (http://www.
375000-at-sothebys-auction/) -- The provenance of
this »Apple 1« unit has been known of and documented
since 1993. The former vendor has framed and numbered
this set and 3 others. -- The current vendor has
offered to set up, install and put it into operation anywhere
in the world in exchange of his expenses. -- This
»Apple 1« set on offer here is 100 % authentic and in
full working condition! -- Already a legendary milestone
from the dynamic dawn of the personal computer
Sobar R : 0:35 что это токоле?
Yamen Nazer : Wooow that's absolutely a masterpiece of microprocessors
B S Mahesh Kumar : I really really love the sound from Keyboard... Crick crick crick crickickick
Wesley Castro : Esse computador vale em torno de 1 milhão de reais, até mais
謝宗佑 : But can it run Minecraft?
Everywhere Science : Very Good Laptop on Amazon:
real_twannie fanclub : The real question is.. what can you do with it ? lol
John Simon : Why bother shipping a full keyboard if you’re only going to use 0-9 A-F
Дмитрий Стрекалов : на графическом демо должна быть надпись ЦОЙ ЖИВ
Innovative innovation : Keyboard sounds like roast chicken on a spit




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